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You saw me but you didn’t look at me says Omar Sy aka Arsene Lupin in the eponymous series. He changes his style and appearance according to the role he wants to play, the environments he lives next to, with a lot of accessories: hat and glasses for the computer scientist for example.
Clothing allows us to identify ourselves. Doctors have the blouse, lawyers have the dress, businessmen & businesswomen have the trouser suit, clothing reinforces our credibility, our professional legitimacy.
Clothing also has the power to make us visible or invisible. Depending on our mood of the day, our personality, we choose to wear dark colors to blend in, or on the contrary to wear bright colors to stand out, to boost our mood or attract attention.
It is the reflection of our internal transformations.
It can also help us to gain self-confidence and to reinvest our body by redesigning our shapes, by enhancing or attenuating them, by its cut, its color, its material, its texture.
The garment becomes a shield or armor to face the outside world. We do not behave in the same way according to whether we wear sneakers or heels, shapeless jeans or tailor’s pants.
There is nothing like a well-chosen piece of clothing to take its rightful place, to be seen and looked at.