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We live in an image society and it takes less than 30 seconds for our interlocutor to form an opinion of us, before we have even said a word.

And even when we express ourselves, 93% of our first impression is based on non-verbal communication (our appearance, our gestures, etc.) and only 7% on the content of our message.

Mastering our image means showing the outside world who we are inside.

It is a highlighting, a quest for well-being, a revelation of the self. It is our identity, as we perceive it, psychologically and physically.

Taking care of one’s appearance is paramount in self-esteem. Our image, our appearance have an important impact, it is a powerful means of communication since we are seen before being heard.

To be correctly perceived, our image must therefore be the reflection of our identity.

Image consulting helps you discover the image that puts you in adequacy with what you really are.

Mastering your image is also revealing your assets, your personality through your appearance, your style, your appearance, it is through a judicious combination of colors, clothing cuts, materials, texture.

It is also, to recognize your singularity, your own tastes, your morphology, and to accept your differences.

A clear visual identity has a real impact in our personal and professional life, because it is a fair representation of who we are at each stage of our life.

Image consulting provides the necessary resources to enhance your beauty capital, learn to look at yourself with kindness and indulgence, manage your complexes, increase your self-esteem and regain self-confidence. It allows the harmonization between inner and outer well-being.

Invest in yourself and reveal your potential and power. With Renaissance by LM agency, make yourself visible and look only like yourself!