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Wardrobe sorting


Optimize your dressing room and create your ideal wardrobe


1 séance de 2h30 - 200€


Contents of the session, face-to-face or online:

Whatever the size of our dressing room, we all found ourselves one day in front of our cupboards in total disarray: What am I going to wear? I have nothing to wear!

One of the reasons is that we barely wear 30% of our clothes.

It's time to reconcile with your dressing-room!

This service begins with an introductory interview to get to know each other, understand your expectations and determine your goals.

We proceed to a quick analysis of your colorimetry and morphology.
I help you to sort objectively and efficiently
I create outfits compositions from your existing wardrobe
I advise you to enhance your silhouette and boost your style
We list the (eventual) essential missing pieces.

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