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D-1 before the summer season! It’s time to think about THE question: which swimsuit for which body type? Yes, it’s the cut of the swimsuit that structures the body.

Slim body type

With a small chest and a large waist, the goal is to enhance your figure and feminize it.

To emphasize your chest, choose a swimsuit top with a shell, padded or with reinforced triangles. For the bottom, choose a low waist, mini shapes, and low cut panties. For the color, choose flashy colors that will give your outfit a boost. Ruffles, bows, frills, bangs or even prints will give relief to your silhouette while the shorty or the one-piece swimsuit will tend to crush your forms.

Round shape

If you have a marked waistline and curves, highlight yourself without hiding your shape. Your chest must be sublimated by a nice V-neckline and perfectly maintained. The one-piece swimsuit is perfect to guarantee a certain comfort.

You can also opt for a low-cut top and a more enveloping bottom, such as shorty or draped panties made of a sheathing material, like lycra.

8 shape

Your hips are rounded and the same width as your shoulders, separated by a slim waist. The good news is that with this type of morphology, you can afford all the fantasies and play with several styles.

Mismatched swimsuits, satin and shiny materials… you’re spoilt for choice. If you have dark skin, choose flashy or light colors to bring out the tan of your complexion. On the other hand, if you have fair skin, assume your complexion by opting for dark colored bathing suits, which contrast with your skin color and enhance it.

A shape

The A shape is characterized by narrow shoulders, wide hips and a marked waist. The objective will be to give a certain balance to the silhouette, by drawing the eye on the upper body.

Choose the balconnet, push-up or padded for the smallest, to highlight the chest.

Choose triangle shapes, to be tied at the neck to clear the shoulders and make them stand out. Opt for dark colors for the bottom, which will give the impression to reduce the width of the hips.

Also avoid horizontal stripes and high-waisted panties, which can amplify the width of the hips and thighs.

H shape is characterized by shoulders and hips of the same width and a slightly marked waist. To balance the silhouette, favor two pieces: V-neckline for the top, belted or ruffled panties to emphasize the waist at the bottom. Choose prints such as polka dots, Hawaiian flowers.

If you’re a luscious woman, a one-piece swimsuit with a nice neckline will be your best ally. Prefer models with a belt or geometric patterns above the hips to emphasize your waist.

On the other hand, banish shorts or low-cut panties that compress the silhouette, square necklines or horizontal stripes, which reinforce the rectangle effect of your morphology.

Morpho V Square shoulders, narrow hips, slender legs… You have a figure. The goal? Balance your figure by focusing on your lower body. The bikini will be your best ally to feminize your figure. You can opt for a high-waisted shorty that lengthens the legs, slims the stomach and increases the volume of the hips with horizontal stripes.

The one-piece swimsuit also suits you, choose it with a neckline that enlarges the silhouette. If you have a small chest, choose a push-up balconnet bra.

Finally, choose solid colors for the upper body and prints for the lower body to draw the eye to this part of the body. On the other hand, avoid low-cut panties that mark the thin hips as well as one-piece swimsuits that reinforce the width of the shoulders.

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