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Image consulting and makeover



Unlike makeovers, which is a one-time service based on a physical transformation, image consulting is a long term service whose benefits you retain over the long term.

It is about harmonizing your being and your appearance, adjusting your personal image, reconnecting with yourself.

Image consulting gives you the keys to a better knowledge of yourself, reconnects you to your essence, and highlights your personality.

Whether you are just starting out in your active life, looking for a new professional posture, questioning your life choices, coping with physical changes (maternity, weight gain or loss, illness), career management or career change, the list of stages in your personal and professional life is long, and for each of these steps, you may need a little help to refocus, free yourself from diktats, gain or regain self-confidence, allow yourself to truly be you.

Renaissance by LM agency supports you throughout this process, we move forward hand in hand to your goal, and I give you the keys to re-appropriate your image and gain autonomy. Dare to put yourself in the spotlight and become the best version of yourself!


The services


Colorimetric analysis : 

An unavoidable step in image consulting, the colorimetric study allows you to define your seasonality and the colors that highlight you.

Body shape analysis :

The morphological diagnosis allows you to determine the clothing cuts that enhance your silhouette, manage your complexes and choose the most suitable accessories. 

Style :

The study of your style is the starting point to elaborate clothing proposals in coherence with your lifestyle, your personality and your objective.

Rangement dressing

Face shape analysis and cosmetology :

From the study of the lines of your face I advise you on hairstyles and make-up most in tune with your personality.

The cosmetological study purpose is to establish your personalized facial care daily routine.


Dressing room sorting :

Essential step for awareness raising  all the pieces that make up your dressing room,  optimize it, learn how to create an ideal wardrobe, associate the pieces of your existing wardrobe and if necessary, list the missing pieces.

To perfect this detox dressing, I give you as a bonus a few tips for storage.


Shopping session : 

The shopping session can take place after the sorting of your dressing room, in order to find the missing pieces of your wardrobe, or for a specific event (wedding, party etc) or a renewal of your seasonal wardrobe.

There is no purchase obligation.